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Short URL

Open source (MIT license) project for creating a self-hosted URL shortener using Docker container


Using Docker

There is a preconfigured .env.docker file you can customize if you want. The Dockerfile install PHP 8.1 with Apache2 and NodeJS.

To use it simply execute:

docker compose up

To create the first environment inside the container terminal go in /var/www/html directory and execute make first_production

Now you can use admin area and APIs


Local installation

You can use this program in any directory you want.


  • PHP version 8.1 or above
  • composer
  • a configured web server or Laravel Valet
  • a database

Installation Steps

  • clone the repository
  • put the Document Root to the public directory
  • create a .env file (see .env-example for an example file)
  • inside the project root execute make first_production

This will create the database and download every composer package needed

Create Users

There is a console command for creating users (both administrators and normal users)

php artisan user:create


In the env file you can configure:

  • SHORT_URL_MAX_LENGTH: the length of the short url string generated
  • SHORT_URL_VALIDATE_URL: if the passed Url must be validated via cUrl before saving
  • SHORT_URL_CAN_REGISTER_VIA_API: if a user can be registered via API (WARNING: disable for public access server!)


You can control everything using the provided administration area, located at /admin route.


You can list and create the complete URLs for your user in this panel:

Url list

Inside the Url detail you can see the complete log calls

Url calls

For users which are super administration is also possible to create, edit and delete users

Users list


You can see the OpenApi version of this APIs in OpenAPI.json file

Registration and Login

To register a new user (normal, not administration user)


For obtaining the Bearer Token:


Example Input

curl --request POST \ --url http://short-url.test/api/login \ --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ --data \ --data password=password

Urls API

Protected with Sanctum, so it needs the bearer token obtained via login

| Method | Url | Note | Result Status | |--------|---------------|------------------------------------|---------------| | GET | /api/url | List all user Urls | 200 | | POST | /api/url | Create a new Url and get short url | 201 | | PUT | /api/url/<ID> | Modify the Url | 200 | | GET | /api/url/<ID> | Get information about a single Url | 200 | | DELETE | /api/url/<ID> | Delete a single Url | 204 |

Create a new Url example


{ "url":"" }